How to Ice a Cake

How to Ice a Cake
Ice a Cake

Let’s get back to basics and down to business here.  Smoothly iced and structurally sound cakes are the building blocks of almost all decorative cakes. I am happy to share my years of experience and show how to ice a perfectly smooth cake.   Using the following tips and tricks, you will be well on your to creating a variety of designs.  Today, I will be working with Whipped Vanilla Frosting.  The same techniques will apply when using fudge, ganache, cream cheese, and any meringue-based buttercream.  For super-smooth finishes, use Italian Meringue Frosting. You Will Need:

– Even layer cake rounds
– 1 batch buttercream or desired frosting
– Filling of your choice
– Pastry bag and large piping tip
– Turn table
– Large and small off-set spatulas
– Straight edged icing smoother or bench scraper

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