How To Make Orange Cream Cake

How To Make Orange Cream Cake
Orange Cream Cake

Our furniture is being delivered today! Yay!!
It was supposed to be here Wednesday, so I spent Monday and Tuesday cleaning up and straightening the house…not that there was all that much to do – not having any furniture and all. But still.
Then the Hubster called to tell me that the delivery had been postponed for two days.
Alright, listen. I know it’s only two days. I get it. But I was really sad. The fact is, I’ve been without furniture since March, but I haven’t actually seen any of my furniture since last August. o_O
I didn’t want to wait to more days. I was sad. I couldn’t help it.
But. I decided to turn things all happy and make myself a cake to heer me up.
The criteria: happy flavors, happy colors.